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     One day course on Swara Yoga, Prana Vidya Yoga and Tantra

A Weekend advance course on Swara Yoga, Prana Vidya, Hatha Yoga and Tantra will be conducted by Sn CHARANASHRIT,  Sanyasi Mantra Dhynam In  Rishikesh, Uttrakhand India.  From 16th February 2018 evening to 18 February evening upto 4:30 pm .. Registration is open. Please register online or call on Phone Nos given at the end of this page.

For Online RegistrationClick Here

For Contact details and other info scroll down the page

Swara Yoga Prana Vidya, Hath Yoga Tantar and Raj Yoga is an ancient Yogic Sciences which deals with various aspects of Yoga related to various dimension to balance the energies which interact with the cosmic energies which is responsible for good and bad experiences in our life. Sanyasi Charanashirt is One of the rare repository  of Swara  Yoga is as  mystifying as this ancient science itself. And has the touch of the divine about it.

Swara Yoga is an ancient science of breath to understand the Cosmic Rhythm in relation with our body and mind,  which is responsible for good and bad experiences in our life.  Through the practice  of Swara Yoga, we can change the negative patterns into positive and be successful in all spheres of   life.

Shiv swarodaya  is an ancient tantric text  on Swara Yoga - a dialogue between Lord shiva as Guru and Goddess Parvathi as disciple in which Lord Shiva gives Knowledge of Breath , from simple techniques to the most sublime esoteric tantric practices. All can benefit from this practice.

According to Swara Yoga there are three type of breath cycles i.e. physical, subtle & causal body cycles. In each  cycle one nadi becomes active for particular day and month and then other becomes active . When breath change from one nadi to other in different cycles,  one should regulate the breath for first three days during sunrise & sunset as instructed in the shastra.  To become free form karma destiny and to lead a harmonious prosperous and blissful life in all dimension.

Course Fee : Classes are free. Charges are for the cost of other expences

Rs. 2500, Includes Shaired 3 beded room, Three Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Tea)

Printed Course material. Classes are Free we are only charging for the cost of arrangement. Special Ganga View rooms are available with extra cost.

Rs. 1500 for People who have their own accommodation in Rishikesh, Meals and  Cource material will be provided . Extended stay and Local sight seen tour can be arranged on request.

Seats are Limited so we request those who are interested please secure your place before it is late.

Near by Places to visit is

Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

Dev Prayag Sangam and Raghunath Temple

Kunjapuri Sakthi Peeth

Virbhadra Temple

Sight seen in Haridwar and Ganga Arati.

During weekend course we will be doing Agnihotra Sunrise and Sunset time as per Swara Yoga and Ganga Arati at course venue.


Swami Swatantrananda Ashram,

Shesham Jhari, Dayanand Nagar

Rishikesh, Uttrakahand Himalya Pin- 249201

Contact Person

Please call for more details

Mob: 09343866262 +

91 7060443211, 9900066015.

Email :swarayoga@gmail.com


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