Introduction to Swara Yoga

Calculate your rising sign - Lagna

Pancanga (version 3.13) Readme first before using this program.

Select Without bija or With bija. (For year after A.D.1000, with bija would be better.)

                                           Select Latitude:

or enter number in degrees (with orwithout decimal fraction)


                                        Select Longitude:

or enter number in degrees (with or without decimal fraction) :


Menues: Try, List or Verbose.


     For List and Verbose, enter   input day:

                                             select  month: ,

                                                year in A.D.:




  •                                          For Try, enter ,

                                        years expired: ,

                                         select month:

    Select sukla or krsna paksa. input tithi number (1 to 15):


                                                   Select amanta or purnimanta.