Calculate Sunrise and Sunset Swara

In order to get maximum benifits of Swara Yoga Sadhana it is recomended to keep swara aligned with natural cycles. There are various cycles of Swara (Breath) and to keep up inner pranic pattern sync with cosmic prana a Sadhaka must flow his/her swara as recomended.

Calculate Swara Yoga Sunrise and Sunset Calendar for your Swara Yoga Sadhana  Input-- year / month / date, location, time zone and get tithi  (Indian Vedic calendar lunar days) sunrise  swara, sunset swara,  moonrise and moonset calendar.   Fill in the year and month  in which you want to start calculation, longitude for west negative, time zone behind Greenwich negative, latitude south negative. It will calculate for 31 days.  Click 'calculate' and the result will display from the selected  day of the month to the next 31 days. This calculator should be used only for one month of Swara Sadhana from the selected day  of the month to the next 31 days. For your Swara Yoga practice copy and paste in Microsoft Word etc. and print.

For Bangalore India only change Year, Month and Day.

For getting Your current location Longitude and Latitude type your city village name in search box. You will get autosuggetion below select and it will auto fill Longitude latitude input. Change time zone if country is other than India, Select desired Year Month Date for calculation. Click calculate.

Longitude : Decimal degrees west longitudes must be negative
Latitude     : Decimal degrees south negative
Time Zone : Decimal hours west of or 'behind' Greenwich negative Time Zone .
Year : Year should be between 1950 to 2050
Month : Change Year, Month Days, External Link To Get Location
Click to run:   For one year  calculation
Year/Month/Date | Tithi | Sunrise:Swara | Sunset:Swara | Moonrise | Moonset

.... .....Means sun or moon below horizon all day 
**** Means sun or moon above horizon all day
------ In rise column means no rise that day and in set column - no set that day.