Swara Yoga Advance Course Oct 16 to 20, 2019

Advance Course on Meditation & Kriya of Swara Yoga to open of higher dimension and control over Prana & Tattwa

Kalyanika Dol Ashram, Near Almora,Uttarakhand
17th Oct to 20th Oct 2019
16th Oct
Arrival at Dol Ashram,Almora
17th – 19th Oct
Swara Yoga Advance Course at Ashram
20th Oct
Sadhana and Meditation at high energetic places
Jageshwar Mahadev temple
Kasar Devi Shakti Peeth

21st Oct
Course content

Practices of tattwa – Day Month Var Tithi of Tattwa and Chakra. Kala Rashya of Tattwa Gyan to balance purify. Secrets of alignment and Purification of Tattwa.
Introduction to Chayopasana (Practices related to Shadow of our own.) Preparatory practices for advance Chayopasana. Prana, Light and Projection of Subtlebody. Science of Inner and Outer universe.
Tattwa sadhana in nadis (Ida Pingala) on each and every action. Various aspects of life and application of Swara and Tattwa.
Cycles of birth death and Swara Indications. Kala and life events, connection of Swara yoga with almost every aspect of life and Yoga principles.
Swara Yoga application on Vastu, Ayurveda and Astrology to harmonise the effects and get desired results.
Child birth from Garbhadhan to giving birth to a desired divine child with all great attributes through Swara yoga.
Control and manipulation of Individual destiny by the practice of Swara Yoga and overcoming limitations and bondages of destiny and becoming the knower of Kala rahasya.
Primordial Nada from Omkara to matrikas and their effects on our day to day life connected with Swara.
Swara Yoga, Yajna connected with Kala Rahasya to strengthen our various aspect of prana which sustains our life, in other words we called the presiding Deity within our elements.
Sadhana of tattwa according to Kala Rahasya to awaken dormant powers.
Panch Prana Sadhana and Kalagni purification of Prana.
Swara Indication of Death disease or inauspicious results and (Parihara) remedy through Swara Sadhna
Deeper aspects of Swara Cycle, eclipse, Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset, Samkranti.
Secrets of Mudra – Prana and Tattwa.
Advance Yoga Nidra – Open up the door of inner world and balance the prana on various level.
Advance Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha – As it is
Advance Meditations of Swara Tantra

Course fee

Early registration, by 25th July INR 12,000
After 25th July INR 51,000

Less amount is given due to our commitment to make this divine science reach everyone
The higher fee is decided to sustain the ashram and further activity and building the facility so that more and more people can come and learn with affordable cost.

Seats are limited to 60 persons.
Payment details
Account No. :0412045644
Bank,Branch :Kotak Mahindra Bank
IFSC Code :KKBK0008078

www.swarayoga.org / www.kalyanika.org

How to reach the venue.
Delhi is connected with Rail and Air from almost all the city of India. Delhi to Haldwani – Kalyanika Dol Ashram is the best and easy route.
Train Details from Delhi/Haridwar to Haldwani and Back to Delhi/Haridwar
Sl No.
Train Name No.
Time Taken/ Date
Delhi 06:20 am
Haldwani 11:08 am
04:48 16th Oct
Delhi 22:05 pm
Haldwani 04:28 am
06:23 15th Oct
Haridwar 00:57 am
Haldwani 06:50 am
05:53 16th Oct
Haldwani 09:02 am
Delhi 15:25 pm
06:23 21st Oct
Haldwani 15:54 pm
Delhi 20:50 pm
04:56 21st Oct
Haldwani 20:02 pm
Haridwar 02:30 am
06:28 21st Oct

Flight can be booked from various portal such as goibibo, yatra, irctc
Buses are also available from Delhi to Haldwani and back to Delhi it can be book through various portals
Such as
For cabs
Taxi is also available from Delhi to Haldwani on above portals.
From Haldwani to Venue Kalyanika Dol Ashram separate taxi arrangements will be made which may cost Rs 800 per person sharing basis.
From Haridwar there is a train in the night which goes to Haldwani.

Note- Two hour mountain drive is there which may cause some people nausea. So keep tablet medicine to take before we start the journey to uphill.

Venue full address
Shree Kalyanika Himalaya Dev Sthanam Ashram,
Village: Kanara, Post: Chaikhan, Dist: Almora Uttarakhand – India

About Ashram
Kalyanika Dol Ashram is established by Poojya Tapasvi Baba Kalyandas Ji of Himalaya. He left his home at the age of twelve. On sacred bank of holy river Ganga, Sri Swami Ji found his Guru Bramhalin Baba Swaroopdas Ji Maharaj who initiated him with ancient Udasin tradition. For more than 25 years Pujya babaji did (Tapa) penance in open sky in Himalaya without any roof during his sadhana. Tapasvi Baba Kalyandasji is a founder of Kalyan Seva Ashram Trust in Amarkantak (MP) India. where the holy river Narmada is originated by Bhagwan Shiva’s tapasya.

Foundation of Kalyan Seva Ashram
In 1978 on the day of Akshy Tritiys Baba laid the foundation stone of Kalyan Seva Ashram. In 1981 Kalyan Seva Ashram trust started its official working. On 15th May 1984, the day of Baisakh Purnima the Aachary peeth was founded. The ceremonious ‘Pranpratistha’ of the idol of Maa-Narmada took place in the presence of the chief guest – Maharaja of Rewa Shri Martand Singh Ju Dev and the occasion was blessed by eminent saints of our country. Since then the Seva Ashram is attaining greater heights and has become a holy pilgrimage.

Huge, Grand & Beautiful Entrance to the Temple.
Inlaid with artistic portrait of marvelous South Indian architecture and the attractive lively idols of the grand temple draws blissful attention. In the year 1995 for the first time in the history of our country a ‘Shree Yantra’ made up of 3 tones of ‘Ashta Dhatu’ was ceremoniously inlaid in the benign presence of famous saints of our country. On one hand of the Shree Yantra adorned idol of ‘Maa-Tripur Sundari’ and on the other hand is God Shri Chandracharya.

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