Swara Yoga Advance Course

Blessed Souls Swara Yoga Peeth is conducting advance course of Swara Yoga from 11th to 18th March 2021. This course is open to those who have done our basic course at our ashram or online. This course is not open to those who have not done basic course. In advance course you will learn how to change the tattwa in the swara at will. Advance Kriya and Prana Sadhana. Astrology and Vastu aspect of Swara Yoga will be also taught. Kriya Yoga and Sankranti Sadhana will be taught. Occult shadow practice basic will be also taught. Asana Pranayam Mudra and Bandha will be part of the Sadhana connected with Swara and Prana. Agnihotra Ygna and Tattwa Sadhana during sunrise and Sunset will be taught in detail.

Initiation in to Swara Yoga Tradation will be given with Sphatik Atma Lingam which every one can take with them for daily Sadhana. Divine wood Yoga Danda and Trataka Stand, Meditation mat, Agnihotra Yajna Kit will be given to every participants

Sadhana at highly vibrant places of Himalaya is a part of Swara Yoga Sadhana. Shiddha Cahndrabadni Shakti Peeth and Adi Koteshwar Mahadev Shiddha Peeth travel accommodation and Sadhana is also included.

It is a life time opportunity to have this divine knowledge of Swara Yoga.

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