Swara Yoga Course Feb 8 to 16

A four days residential intensive Swara Yoga Advance course is Scheduled from 8 to 11 February followed by 5 days Sadhana Satra 12 to 16 Feb 2019 in Rishikesh Uttrakhand Himalaya India. This is the golden opportunity for Swara yoga sadhaks who really want to know and experience the deeper aspects of Swara and Tattva.

Brief on Swara Yoga
As the universe is complex so as our life is, We know that whatever is there in universe same is there within us. Yatha Pinde Tatha Brahmande
It can be translated as “As is Microcosm So is Macrocosm” As is Atom So is Universe, As is individual body So is Cosmic body.
We are not independent from the all pervading universe. Entire creation is sync with each other running in a rhythm govern by cosmic law of creation, sustenance and destruction. From Atman to our physical body our life is built with a blue print connected with the governing forces of the universe, we know them as the PANCH MAHABHOOTA. Five primordial elements. Akash Vayu Agni Jala and Prithvi .

All the creation which we have within the realm of our Body Mind and Emotion are the creation of Five elements. Every aspect of live is govern by them. These five element are always active in our body and can be experience through our breath which is continuously flowing in the nostrils from very beginning of our life that is our birth. These five elements flows in a specific patterns in our breath which can be be identified by the practice of Swara Yoga. All the actions and results in our life such as auspicious or inauspicious, lucid and cruel, moving or static, Yoga or Sensorial pleasure, Birth and Death, Success and Failure, Vata Pita Kapha equilibrium or imbalances, Vastu Yoga or Vastu Dosha, Getting desired childbirth, Winning war or public speech and Astrological prediction almost every aspect of live is govern by these five elements.

A Swara Yogi Knows when what to do and not to do. Because Swara Yogi understand the favorable flow of elements in breath and takes acton appropriately which gives results as wished. Swara Yoga is the science of winning the Kala and its effects. One can alter the Prarabdha (Fate) if he or she has the knowledge of Swara Yoga.

Swara Yoga is an ancient science of breathing which deals with the science of cosmic rhythm and governing forces which interacts with our individual body and mind which is responsible for the good and bad experiences of life, success and failure of our life. To keep our rhythm of Body, Mind and Spirit in sync with the cosmic rhythm, one should practice Swara Yoga.

Course is Free
Only Cost is for Shared Accommodation and other administrative cost.
Rs. 1000 per day
Entire course meals course material and accommodation is covered in Rs 1000 per day. For Classes there is no fees it’s absolutely free. Those who have accommodation and meals facility etc in Rishikesh can Join the course free and offer donation if they wish, not mandatory.

Two days there is tour in Himalaya to highly charged spiritual places for Sadhana. For that shared taxi charges has to be born by those who wish to participate. Per day Rs. 1000 total of 2000 for two days apart from accomodation charges. Total cost with tour and accommodation will be Rs. 9000+2000= 11000

Registration can be made for either Swara Yoga Course 8 to 11 Feb 2019 separately or for t both 8 to 11 and 12 to 16 Sadhana Satra. For 8 to 11 Feb course Rs. 4000 has to be paid for to secure share accommodation etc.

For More information
Please contact
Sanyasi Atmavandana
Mob + Whatsapp 9343866262
Mail at [email protected]
Or Visit www.swarayoga.org
Location Map and route

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Please forward this message so that many can benefit from this course.

Swara Yoga Courses

A one day course on Swara Yoga is schedule in Bangalore India on 6th Jan 2019.
8 am to 1 pm
3pm to 5 pm
This is an opportunity for those who want to attend Swara Yoga course in Bangalore due to their convenience.

Now most of the courses are held in Rishikesh. Those who want to do deeper sadhana of Swara Yoga can join course schedule in Rishikesh from 8 to 11 Feb followed by sadhana satra from 12 to 16 Feb 2019.
8 Feb to 11 Feb 5 am to 7 pm intensive Swara Yoga Meditation
12 to 16 Feb Deeper Sadhana and Meditation, Dainik Agnihotra Yajna as per Swara Cycle. Two days Tour of Highly charged places in Himalaya and deeper Sadhana Meditation rituals.

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