Solar Sankranti of Kartaka Cancer Swara Yoga

Blessed Souls Hari Om, Tomorrow Sun is  Transiting into the space of Karkata (Cancer), Kaal Rahsya is if you know and  follow your Required Nadi and Tattwa it will ensures harmonious successful  healthy state of life and activities upto next transit subject to the effect of Mesh Shankranti on top of it. Transit Nadi and Tattwa can Protect from death and Kala Purusha. If opposite nadi or Agni, Vayu Akash element flows indicate one month unfavorable conditions loss and miseries.  So make sure that you all find the right time of solar transit for your location  and keep active your required Nadi and Tattwa. Om Tat Sat. For prediction, Daiwagya Astrologers can watch the nadi and as per nadi and tattwa predict the next one month apart from yearly prediction which has been done on Mesh Sankranti. Monthly prediction comes under yearly so overall yearly will guide but favorable Nadi and tattwa indicate one month improved conditions.


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